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Research&development of forest technology

Research & Development of Forest Technology
R&D of Forest Technology
  • The institute has carried out the research and development of forest technology for the purpose of improvement of forest technology. To promote R&D of forest technology, the institute also has re-planned the forest technology promotion plan every 5 years as the laws regulated. The plan covers basic goals and direction of promotion of forest technology, initiatives for promoting and utilizing forest technology, information management on forest technology, supply and demand of forest technology personnel, utilization of forest technology personnel and improvement of technology capabilities, and the use of forest technology research institutes' manpower, funds, testing facilities and technology information for promotion of joint research.
  • Furthermore, the institute has implemented the pilot projects of forest technology to promote use and distribution of forest technology that has developed as a result of R&D of forest technology.
Forest Technology Research Institute
Introduction of the Institute
  • Forest Technology Research Institute is the research center established for the purpose of systematic planning of forest technology R&D as well as contribution to the development of forest employment, pursuant to Article 4(2) of ‘the Act on Forest Technology’, 4 of ‘Enforcement Rule of Act on Forest Technology’ and Article 3 of Enforcement Decree of the same law.
Direction of Institute Operation
  • R&D of practical forest technology and promotion of use and distribution of the technology to cover resolutions for the difficulties that the engineers have faced.
Development Field of Forest Technology
  • R&D(Preparation of Forest resource, Forest ecosystem, Forest conservation, Forest management and income, and etc.)
  • Use and Distribution(Planning, Investigation, Evaluation, Pilot project, Monitoring, Consulting, and etc.)
  • Research on Forest Policies(System, Policy, Guideline, Standard of estimated unit manpower and material, and etc.)