About Us


I am very pleased to greet you.
Joung-choon, Huh

We, TKFEA (The Korea Forest Engineer Association) was established as a special corporation under the Korea Forest Service in December 2018 to support the development and improvement of forest management technologies and related industry as well as the welfare of the forest management technicians pursuant to Article 13 of Act of Promotion and Management of Forest Management Technology.

Forest employment is the power of the green welfare state and the happiness of the people. As a result of many forest engineers’ best effort to protect the forest, even in difficult surroundings, South Korea boasts the leafy green forest all over the world. TKFEA, with the self-confidence as a forest engineer, will proceed with the plans to discover new growth drivers of the forest industry step by step. We would appreciate if you, forest engineers, pay attention to our business and efforts. Thank you.

Chairman Joung-choon, Huh 한국산림기술인회 회장 서명