About Us

Activities & Tasks

Main Activities
  • 01

    Promotion of welfare for forest engineers
    (Dignity protection·Ability improvement
    ·Protection of rights and interests)

  • 02

    Operation of forest engineer license program
    & Management of forest technology service
    provider and forest employment operator

  • 03

    R&D for Forest Management technology and Education & Training for Forest engineers

Main Tasks
Commissioned Business from the Korea Forest Service
  • Issuance/re-issuance and acceptance of forest engineer license application (Article 9)
  • Issuance of career certificate and application of forest engineer career report (Article 10)
  • Edit and removal of record such as forest engineer license return (Article 12 (3))
  • Application and distribution of registration certificate of a forest technology service provider (Article 15)
  • Acceptance of the reports of alteration, layoff, or close of a forest technology service provider (Article 15 (4) and etc.)
  • Acceptance of the forest employment result report and certificate issuance (Article 23)
  • General management of penalty points on forest employment service providers & operators and employed engineers (Article 24 (3))
Research and Development of Forest management technology
  • R&D for forest management technology
  • Pilot project operation for promotion of use and distribution of the technologies
  • Consultation & advice on forest employment
※ Selected as a specialized institute of forest management technology (Article 4(2))(‘19.4.22)(No. 2019-1)
Training for Forest Engineers
  • Education and training for ability improvement and efficient manpower control of forest engineers

    → Acknowledged as an official training record pursuant to Article 4(1), ‘Enforcement Rule of Act on Forest Technology’

※ Selected as a forest engineer training institution(Article 7(4))(establishment scheduled in 2019)
General Affairs
  • Business to improve forest engineers’ ability and protect their dignity
  • Business to promote forest engineers’ welfare and protect their rights
  • Any other business commissioned from the government or local governments
  • R&D for forest management technology and pilot project operation for promotion of use and distribution of the technologies
  • Operation and management of forest education institutes
  • Research for management and improvement of forest engineers’ ability
  • Accumulation of the materials related to forest management technology
  • Publication of the association magazine and advertisement of TFEA
  • Lease, management, and operation of the association’s properties and additional facilities
  • Installation, management, and operation of the association’s facilities
  • Guide and technical advice related to forest employment
  • Safety management and education related to forest employment
  • Cooperation with related institutions and organizations
  • Participates in the international seminars to share the information about forest management technology
  • Any other affairs for the welfare of the members