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Organization and Staff
  • [8 Branches] SeoulㆍGyeonggiㆍIncheon Branch, Gangwon Branch, Chungcheongbuk-do Branch, DaejeonㆍSeojongㆍChungcheongnam-do branch, GwangjuㆍJeollanam-doㆍJeju Branch, Jeollabuk-do Branch, DaeguㆍGyeongsangbuk-do Branch, BusanㆍUlsanㆍGyeongsangnam-do Branch
  • [Subdivisions for Technical Affairs] Subdivision for Education & Legal Affairs, Subdivision for Forest Management, Subdivision for Forest Engineering, Subdivision for Forest Welfare, Subdivision for Forest Conservation, and Subdivision for Forest Management
  • [Subdivisions for Business] Korea Forest Enterprise Corporate Association, Korea Forest Professional Engineer Association, Korea Forest Engineering Association, National Forest Function Association, Korea Wood Products Association, National Forestry Cooperative Federation, Korean Society of Landscape Architects