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Symbol Mark
The symbol represents the organization’s identity that promote the development of the forest employment and support the welfare of forest engineers.
  • The symbol represents the togetherness of the organization for promotion and improvement of quality of forest technology as well as contribution to R&D
  • The symbol illustrates a forest engineer who opens his arms to embrace the environment to contribute to the development of forest employment
  • The symbol illustrates forest, the foundation of green growth
Symbol Mark
Symbol Mark Grid

※ The symbol mark is the most important visual factor that represents the image of TKFEA. As it is widely used for all visualized medium. Accordingly, the shape and color of the symbol must not be edited without consent from the organization.

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Korean-English width balance
Korean-English height balance
English width balance
English height balance

※ Font : Nanum Barun Gothic

※ The signature is designed in consideration of its application and balance with other design factors by a collaboration of the symbol mark and logo. Accordingly, the balance of the signature's factors must not be edited without consent from the organization.

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  • Colors of Symbol Mark and Logo
    • Symbol
      • blue
        C : 85% M : 50% Y : 0% K : 0%
      • green
        C : 90% M : 10% Y : 95% K : 0%
      • yellowgreen
        C : 55% M : 0% Y : 100% K : 0%
      • gray
        C : 0% M : 0% Y : 0% K : 90%
    • Logotype
      • gray
        C : 0% M : 0% Y : 0% K : 90%
  • Colors by medium
  • White and Black Version

※ The colors of the symbol mark and the signature of TKFEA represent the identity of the organization. Accordingly, the designated colors must be used and the ratio of the image must be arranged as the color may be different by printing environment.