Main Business

Forest employment and Forest Technology
Forest employment
  • Forest employment refers to a business carried out in forest for maintenance and development of forest such as construction, growth, use, disaster prevention, restoration and any required business for construction, growth, and management of forest such as urban forest, community forest, street trees, and arboretum.
    • Businesses for installation of forest management infrastructure such as forest trail construction, forest fire prevention, and installation of firefighting facilities.
    • Businesses for construction and use of forest including afforestation and tree trimming
    • Businesses for restoration of forest
    • Businesses for prevention of forest fire and firefighting
    • Businesses for disaster prevention, restoration, maintenance, use, soil and stone collection of forest
    • Businesses for conservation of Baekdudaegan Mountain Range
    • Businesses for prevention of damages by blight and harmful insects
    • Businesses for management of national forest
    • businesses for construction of recreational facilities and facilities for forest culture
    • businesses for forestry education
    • Businesses for management and construction of forest for natural burials
    • Businesses for forestry structural improvement, selection of forestry promotion area, and promotion of mountain villages
    • Businesses for construction, registration, and management of arboretum
    • Erosion control project
    • Businesses for management and construction of urban forest, community forest, and street trees
      ※ However, landscape architectural construction and landscape planting construction are excluded pursuant to the table 1 of ‘Enforcement Decree of the Framework Act on the Construction Industry’
    • And any other business for conservation and management of forest biological diversity and construction of community forest and arboretum as well as investigation, management, conservation, proliferation, and R&D of forest ecosystem.
Forest Technology
  • Definition of Forest Technology
    • Planning, investigation, design, implementation, and supervision of forest employment
    • Analysis of safety of forest employment
    • Development and management of forest machinery (including forest engineering machinery, stumpage production equipment, machinery for afforestation, machinery for forest conservation, machinery for forest cultivation, and other related equipment such as working clothes and props for administrative affairs)
    • Forest technology’s validity review
    • Forest technology’s information processing using the information network
    • Technology related to forest employment’s process analysis and estimated unit manpower and materials
Forest Technology Service Provider and Others
Forest Technology Service Provider and Operator
Forest technology service provision the service that designs and supervises the forest employment using forest technology as well as analyzing the safety of the business
Forest technology service operation Implementation of forest employment other than forest technology service provision
Forest technology service provider a registered entity that operates a business of forest technology service provision
Forest technology service operator forestry cooperative, Forestry Cooperative in Korea, national forest management office, forest employment corporate, and timber production business, which operates forest technology service.
Category of the forest technology service provider
General business General business
Specialized business Forestry management, Forest ecology & engineering, Forest recreation, Landscape architecture
The subject of forest technology service provider registration
A forest technology service provider who meets the requirements of the registration including the level of technology and capital.
  • A technician who registered a technician office of forestry.
  • Engineering business owner in the specialized forestry field
  • Landscape architect who wants to register landscape architecture business
Promotion of forest technology service providers
  • TKFEA has established and defined the measures for support and growth of forest technology service provision businesses to vitalize the globalization, elevation, and development of the forest technology service provision businesses.
  • Furthermore, we have defined the requirements for the development of forest technology service provision business, professional training for forest engineers for globalization, forest engineer information provision and utilization of the result of R&D in forest technology.
Compliance of Forest Technology Service Providers
  • Forest technology service providers and forest engineers who perform the commissioned services must carry out the business in a faithful manner pursuant to the related laws and regulations
  • A forest technology service provider must design and supervise the business and project in accordance with the related laws and regulations.
  • A supervisor is eligible to request rectification or reconstruction of the project to the operator if the supervisor recognizes that the operator does not carry out the forest employment as designed or violate any related law or regulation. If the operator does not rectify or carry out reconstruction, the supervisor is eligible to order a suspension of the forest employment. In such a case, the forest technology service provider, who is requested to suspend the construction, shall immediately stop the forest employment unless there is no valid reason.
  • A service provider and operator must make their best effort to secure the safety of forest employment including safety check, safety management organization, and safety management planning.
  • A service operator shall have a safety manager who is responsible for the safety of the forest employment and safety director for each sector for the safety management of the business to carry out the safety training for the service providers.